Interview Tips

A Few insider tips to help you nail an interview

Our Talent Acquisition team has over 40 years of combined professional recruitment experience. Here are our top ten tips to help you nail an interview.

  • Do your research before you fill out an application- Many companies will conduct telephone screening calls on applicants, this is your chance to really stand out from the crowd.
  • Good timekeeping - Being late is guaranteed to annoy and alarm a hiring manager. Leave time in your journey for delays.
  • First impressions really do count - Make sure that your appearance is appropriate and you are dressed for the role you aspire to be in.
  • Understand the job description - Candidates that really shine are the ones who really understand the role, company and market.
  • Take notes - Candidates who clearly listen and take notes demonstrate skills highly valued in the workplace and are better prepared for follow-up interviews.
  • Prepare questions - This is an easy way to demonstrate your interest and commitment.
  • Close an interview professionally - Make sure you ask about the interview process and next steps.
  • Follow-up - Send a note to the individuals you interviewed with thanking them for their time and reinforcing your candidature for the role.
  • Consistency - Most companies will have several interviews before a final decision is made. You need to demonstrate consistency in behavior throughout and also demonstrate your increased understanding of the role and opportunity.
  • Integrity – Always answer questions truthfully, frankly and as concise as possible. Remember that you want to make sure it is a fit as much as we do!