Knowing consumers is our business but our people are what makes our business thrive. Want to get to know us more?

A Note from our CEO

Mintel's purpose is to help people and businesses grow. We have been very successful at doing this and, as a consequence, Mintel has grown to become a global leader. In fact, we are the world's leading market intelligence agency. As a result of this growth, we have a great track record of providing opportunities for our talented and hard-working team to grow as well.

The people who enjoy these opportunities display certain qualities:

  • They exceed expectations in their job, working hard to go that extra mile.
  • They are positive, can-do people who are friendly and fun (which is why our team is consistently saying that the best thing about Mintel is its people.

So, what gets YOU up in the morning?

We asked some of our amazing staff members to tell us what they love most about their job, check out what they had to say

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    I love working for an organization that not only encourages and supports my growth, but challenges me to continue growing and developing, while still providing great work/life balance. Mintel has such an entrepreneurial spirit – the opportunities for growth are endless!

    Molly Maier

    AVP-US Reports, Chicago
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    Mintel has given me numerous opportunities to get involved in all aspects of the growing business in Asia Pacific. Every year my role in Mintel has morphed in some way to suit and match the direction in which the business is developing and that has given me invaluable experience and learnings both personally and professionally.

    Lee Ann Fagan

    Country Manager, China
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    My favourite thing about working at Mintel comes down to variety really, with the agile seating plan allowing you to sit with new people, and feel part of a wider team. There is also great sense of collaboration, and I am able to glean inspiration from some great people from all around the world!

    Jack Duckett

    Senior Consumer Lifestyles Analyst, London
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    Many people think our analysts are sitting in front of desks and typing reports all day, but that’s not true. We go out in the market, talk to experts, try different products and experience shopping, so it’s definitely not life in an ivory tower.

    Ruyi Xu

    Head of Research, North Asia Reports
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    What I've gained from working at Mintel is 14 years of sales experience and relationships with colleagues that will carry on well beyond my professional career.

    Zac Churchill

    VP, Account Management-CPG, Chicago